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PKI.ServiceProviders Namespace

Contains classes and enumerations to work with Cryptographic Service Providers (CSPs). [Obsolete]
Public classALG_ID Obsolete.
This class is used to store information about particular cryptographic algorithm.
Public classALG_ID_CNG Obsolete.
This class is used to store information about cryptographic algorithm.
Public classALG_ID_CNGCollection Obsolete.
Represents a collection of ALG_ID_CNG objects.
Public classALG_IDCollection Obsolete.
Represents a collection of ALG_ID objects.
Public classCsp Obsolete.
This class is used to obtain installed about Cryptographic Service Providers, Key Storage Providers and their parameters.
Public classCspCNG Obsolete.
Represents single KSP (Key Storage Provider) information.
Public classCspCNGCollection Obsolete.
Represents a collection of CspCNG objects.
Public classCspCollection Obsolete.
Represents a collection of CspLegacy objects.
Public classCspLegacy Obsolete.
Represents single CSP information.
Public classCspObject Obsolete.
The CspObject class provides access to general information about a cryptographic provider.
Public classProviderAlgorithm Obsolete.
The ProviderAlgorithm interface represents an algorithm implemented by a cryptographic provider. Providers are separate modules that implement encryption, hashing, signing, and key exchange (archival) algorithms. Similar providers are grouped together in a type.
Public enumerationAlgorithmOperationsEnum
AlgorithmOperationsEnumenumeration type specifies the operations that an algorithm can perform.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

Public enumerationAlgorithmTypeEnum
The AlgorithmType enumeration type specifies the intended purpose of a cryptographic algorithm supported by a cryptographic provider.
Public enumerationProviderTypeEnum
specifies the type of cryptographic provider. Providers implement cryptographic standards and algorithms in software and hardware.