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SysadminsLV.PKI.Cryptography Namespace

Contains extension classes for default .NET Framework System.Security.Cryptography namespace.
Public classAlgorithmIdentifier
Specifies an algorithm used to encrypt or sign data. This class includes the object identifier (OID) of the algorithm and any needed parameters for that algorithm.
Public classCspProviderAlgorithmInfo
The CspProviderAlgorithmInfo class represents an algorithm implemented by a cryptographic provider. Providers are separate modules that implement encryption, hashing, signing, and key exchange (archival) algorithms. Similar providers are grouped together in a type.
Public classCspProviderAlgorithmInfoCollection
Represents a collection of CspProviderAlgorithmInfo objects.
Public classCspProviderInfo
The CspProviderInfo class provides access to general information about a cryptographic provider.
Public classCspProviderInfoCollection
Represents a collection of CspProviderInfo objects.
Public classSignedContentBlob
This class represents an encoded content to be signed and a BLOB to hold the signature. The ToBeSignedData member is an encoded X.509 certificate, certificate revocation list (CRL), certificate trust list (CTL) or certificate request.
Public enumerationContentBlobType
Contains enumeration to identify data type in SignedContentBlob object.