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MessageSigner Properties

The MessageSigner type exposes the following members.

Public propertyHashingAlgorithm
Gets hashing algorithm that is used to calculate the hash during signing or signature verification processes.
Public propertyPaddingScheme
Gets or sets signature padding scheme for RSA signature creation and validation. Default is PKCS1.
Public propertyPssSaltByteCount
Gets or sets the size, in bytes, of the random salt to use for the PSS padding. Default value matches the hash output length: 16 bytes for MD5, 20 bytes for SHA1, 32 bytes for SHA256, 48 bytes for SHA384 and 64 bytes for SHA512 hashing algorithm.
Public propertySignatureAlgorithm
Gets resulting signature algorithm identifier.
Public propertySignerCertificate
Gets the certificate associated with the current instance of
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