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Crypt32Managed Class

Contains safe implementations of unmanaged functions.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  PKI.ManagedAPI
Assembly:  PKI.Core (in PKI.Core.dll) Version: (
public static class Crypt32Managed

The Crypt32Managed type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAnyToBinary
Converts input string to a byte array. See Remarks for more details.
Public methodStatic memberCryptBinaryToString Obsolete.
Converts an array of bytes into a formatted string.
Public methodStatic memberCryptFileToBinary
Reads the file which is either in binary or base64 encoding or hex formatted and returns decoded bytes.
Public methodStatic memberCryptStringToBinary Obsolete.
Converts a formatted string into an array of bytes.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeX509Extension Obsolete.
Decodes an ASN.1-encoded byte array that represents complete X509Extension object to an instance of X509Extension instance.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeX509Extensions Obsolete.
Public methodStatic memberEncodeX509Extension Obsolete.
Public methodStatic memberEncodeX509Extensions Obsolete.
Public methodStatic memberPfxisPfxBlob
Attempts to decode the outer layer of a BLOB as a PFX packet
Public methodStatic memberPfxVerifyPassword
attempts to decode the outer layer of a BLOB as a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) packet and to decrypt it with the given password.
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