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OCSPRequest Class

Represents an OCSP Request object. This object is used to create and submit a request to an OCSP Responder.
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Namespace:  PKI.OCSP
Assembly:  PKI.Core (in PKI.Core.dll) Version: (
public class OCSPRequest

The OCSPRequest type exposes the following members.

Public methodOCSPRequest(X509Certificate2)
Initializes a new instance of the OCSPRequest class using the X509Certificate2 object.
Public methodOCSPRequest(X509Certificate2Collection)
Initializes a new instance of the OCSPRequest class using the X509Certificate2Collection object and Uri object.
Public methodOCSPRequest(OCSPSingleRequestCollection)
Initializes a new instance of OCSPRequest from an array of single request items.
Public methodOCSPRequest(X509Certificate2Collection, X509Certificate2)
Initializes a new instance of OCSPRequest using issuer certificate, an array of certificates to verify and indication whether to include ServiceLocator extension to the request.
Public propertyAcceptedSignatureAlgorithms
Gets an array of supported signature algorithms that OCSP server shall use to sign response. Default algorithm is sha1RSA.
Public propertyExtensions
Gets optional OCSP Request extensions. This may include Nonce and/or Service Locator extensions.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Determines if properties of this object are writable or in read-only mode. This member is set to read-only
Public propertyNonce
Indicates whether the client chose to add Nonce extension.
Public propertyNonceValue
As a Nonce extension value, a Ticks property value of DateTime class is used.
Public propertyProxy
Gets or sets web proxy information that will be used to connect OCSP server.
Public propertyRawData
Gets the raw data of a OCSP request. This data is sent to OCSP responder.
Public propertyRequestList
Gets certificate identification object collection. This object is equavivalent to singleRequest structure in ASN.1 module.
Public propertySignerCertificate
Gets the certificate used to sign this request. If the request is not signed, this property is null.
Public propertyURL
Gets or sets the URL of the OCSP responder service. URL can be retrieved from certificate's AIA extension.
Public propertyVersion
Gets OCSP Request version. Currently only version 1 is defined.
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Public methodSendRequest
Sends OCSP request (encoded raw data) to a OCSP responder specified in URL.
Public methodSendRequest(String)
Sends OCSP request (encoded raw data) to a OCSP responder specified in URL property by using specific network method.
Public methodSetCredential
Gets or sets the network credentials that are sent to a OCSP server and used to authenticate the request.
Public methodSetProxy Obsolete.
Gets or sets the proxy used by OCSP request.
Public methodSignRequest(X509Certificate2, Boolean)
Digitally signs the OCSP request. The method uses "sha1RSA" signature algorithm by default.
Public methodSignRequest(X509Certificate2, Boolean, Oid)
Digitally signs the OCSP request.
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