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OCSPResponseStatus Enumeration

Contains possible OCSP response statuses.

Namespace:  PKI.OCSP
Assembly:  PKI.Core (in PKI.Core.dll) Version: (
public enum OCSPResponseStatus
  Member nameValueDescription
Successful0 Response has valid confirmations.
MalformedRequest1 A server produces the "malformedRequest" response if the request received does not conform to the OCSP syntax.
InternalError2 The response "internalError" indicates that the OCSP responder reached an inconsistent internal state. The query should be retried, potentially with another responder.
TryLater3 In the event that the OCSP responder is operational, but unable to return a status for the requested certificate, the "tryLater" response can be used to indicate that the service exists, but is temporarily unable to respond.
SignatureRequired5 The response "sigRequired" is returned in cases where the server requires the client sign the request in order to construct a response.
Unauthorized6 The response "unauthorized" is returned in cases where the client is not authorized to make this query to this server.
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