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OCSPSingleResponse Class

Represents OCSP single response that contains revocation status about particular certificate. Certificate ID is stored in CertID property.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  PKI.OCSP
Assembly:  PKI.Core (in PKI.Core.dll) Version: (
public class OCSPSingleResponse

The OCSPSingleResponse type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCertId
Gets certificate ID that represents information about the certificate was verified.
Public propertyCertStatus
Gets certificate status. Possible values are: Good, Revoked, Unknown.
Public propertyExtensions
Gets optional extensions about the status of the certificate in the subject.
Public propertyNextUpdate
Gets the time at or before which newer information will be available about the status of the certificate.
Public propertyRevocationInfo
If the certificate in the subject is revoked, OCSP responder may include CRL entry with this certificate.
Public propertyThisUpdate
Gets the time at which the status being indicated is known to be correct.
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